Blogging Tips

Background Help

  • Stay away from moving backgrounds (GIFs). It is very distracting, and gives your audience an unprofessional view of your blog.
  • Use seamless wallpapers. This makes your blog look organized and professional.
  • Change your wallpaper according to the season! this is a fun way to decorate your site, and update your viewers.
  • Click here for amazing backgrounds

Trying to get views?

  • Never give up. If you have a new blog, your views may not go up but do not worry! just keep on posting and one day your blog will be successful. (FYI, it took about 8 months for my blog to get noticed LOL)
  • Post things that you would want to see on a blog, whether its information, tutorials, or simply just hilarious randomness.
  • Stick with a theme. If your blog is about Fantage, don’t post about hockey news. Your viewers come to your blog for Fantage, not hockey.
  • Do not feel competitive or jealous. Stay who you are, and the right people will view your blog. Competing with other blogs may lead to copying and drama that will give you a bad status in blogging.
  • You can try advertising your blog on Fantage. Go to a popular location and say something like “GOOjjGLE FANTAGE SPY”, however I would avoid this as my friend got banned once for doing this. AAnd, it annoys other people.
  • Follow and comment on other blogs! this is the best way to get noticed in the community, (so first impressions count). Just be nice, and try not to sound like a jerk.


  • Don’t go overboard with your pages. Try to only make pages that relate to your blog, or is useful to your audience.
  • Maximum 15-20 pages, (not including subpages).
  • Pages are not like posts, try to keep your pages neat and tidy. If the amount of words in a page is less than 50, consider that scrapped. Pages with barely any text is considered useless, and can be put into a post.


  • State your points; use points such as these.
  • Say no to clutter; try separating huge paragraphs. Viewers will most likely not read the whole thing, so either shorten your topic, or make more paragraphs.
  • Try adding images to your posts! its more eye catching. Plus, an image is worth 1000 words. No?
  • Use bolds, italics, colors, or underlines to state important points.
  • Use headings if you have more than 1 important topic to talk about.


  • Never copy. Once you copy, most of the time people will not forgive you and your blog will just sink like the Titanic.
  • Crediting; always ask the owner for using an idea of their’s. If they say yes, credit them and link their blog.

Grammar not Grammerzzz

  • When posting/making pages, try avoiding the ‘z’ and baby talk. For example, “unicornz are sho aweshum omg!” this makes your blog look unreliable, and people would not look up to you.
  • Good grammar in pages are very important. Pages are for useful, and handy information. Therefore it should be formally typed up, with no spelling mistakes.
  • Often sites with lots of spelling mistakes give the audience an untrustworthy feel.
  • This only applies if you’re making a page (like a tutorial one), or an informative post.

Be Honest.

  • I DO NOT recommend having a page called “Free Fantage Membership/eCoins” because obviously there is no Free Membership or eCoins. Most bloggers make such a page to get more views, but that is just Rick Rolling people.
  • Never lie; people will find out that you lied, and when they do, your trust between your viewers and you become weaker.
  • If you made a mistake, just admit it. You may not be forgiven, but it is better than hiding a lie. The longer a lie is hid, the worse the outcome gets.

Create a YouTube Account

  • Create a YouTube account for your blog!
  • Post videos about new Fantage updates
  • Make an advertisement for your blog and post it on YouTube
  • Make videos as an alternate to posting! its something different, and videos are always for entertaining.

Okay those are just some tips in which I personally think. My tips may not work for you, and that is okay! these are my opinions, and people are all different. But if you agree to my tips, I hope they help! 😀

37 thoughts on “Blogging Tips

    1. Hello xxsugarpiexx,

      go to your Dashboard, then click on “Settings”, then there will be a drop down list. You should see “General” on the list. Click on that. Now on the right side of your screen, there will be something called “Blog Picture/Icon”. Now all you need to do is upload an image!


  1. Hey cloud! ^^

    I have a question to ask. You know those things that appear at the bottom of your page? (I don’t know what to call them). For example: I scroll over blogging tutorials/ help, and stuff like blogging tutorials, blogging tips, and other things. How do you do that?


  2. But you have a black background and you said “Never use neon colored backgrounds, or black; the black makes your blog seem sinister, and the neon blinds your viewers”.

  3. I finally found out how to make menus omg… Now I have a “home” page and an “Outfit of the Days” page separately that feature different material. I feel accomplished, you have no idea how much I am so grateful for knowing how to create custom menus… XDD

  4. Hai, do you know how to make a blog password protected (like the whole site, not just a page)? I looked online and all the other tips are outdated 😦

    Thanks in advance (if you actually read this)

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