Welcome to Fantage Spy’s clubhouse, where everyone can just unite and explore/share their own interests.

Clubhouse list

Fantage fashion club!- owned by cloud82

-more coming soon-

How to get involved! 

To join a clubhouse, all you need to do is to request to the owner of the clubhouse. (The owner can accept or deny requests, and even add more people!) to create a clubhouse and be the owner/leader of it, all you need to do is comment your Fantage username, your clubhouse idea, and what you want to call it. Then, if I approve of it, I will make a page dedicated to it and it will be all yours! and as the owner of a clubhouse, you have the right to control what kind of content you want/dont want and the format of the page.


What kind of clubhouses can I have?- You can have it based on ANYTHING. Even things that have nothing to do with Fantage! for example, I know a lot of you guys like KPOP, Anime, etc. So, there can be a KPOP clubhouse, Anime clubhouse, environment clubhouse, Fantage reporters clubhouse etc…. just be creative!

As an owner of a clubhouse, how do I post content and update it?- You will need to Email me ( everything you want on your page/clubouse. Everytime you want to update it, just Email me.

How to join someone’s club?- comment on their page and they will reply back with either [accepted!] or [deny]

So the leader gets to post content… what do regular people do?- so if you have joined somebody’s club, you can chat in the XAT chat box, have discussions in the comments section, and request to the owner to post content.

How do I request to the owner to post content?- The owner’s Email address will be provided, so you will have to Email the owner any images/content you want to post. (Videos are allowed too)


If you have any other questions, just comment below. And, since this is a new idea, I don’t have much participants yet 😦 So I would be really happy if anyone would want a clubhouse!



6 thoughts on “Clubhouse

  1. Username: Dolphinsrockmay
    I would like an editing clubhouse where we can share our edits with others, have some collaborations with others, share tips, and have some contests, maybe?

  2. Username: Mahek78
    I would like a tradition clubhouse, where we can share our traditions, what holidays we celebrate, what we do in specific holidays, share stuff about our religion, give info about different countries etc.
    also can u plz set everything up? cause i am extremely bad at those things.

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