Cute outfits to wear


These outfits consist of items that are mostly from shops:


CaptureCaptureCaptureCapture1 2 3

My favorite clothes:


Favorite accessories and hair:favs1

Limited outfits (most items are from past Limited events):

 Capture2 3 4  CaptureCapture13 4 17161337941o1 o2 3 4 6 7 8

These outfits are especially for non members 🙂


4 5 1 2 3 11 22 33 44 66 77 88 98 99

If you try any of these, please take a picture and Email them to me at! (please title your Email “My Style”)


134 thoughts on “Cute outfits to wear

      1. they were from an Easter event in 2011 🙂 Not exactly limited, it was for free at the event
        You can still buy them from my mall but the minimum is 15 thousand gold? I think
        I hope this helps

        1. i have a pink rose i got at at hair accessories at stellar salon and i need some creative juices flowing! anything that matches?
          ps i never see anyone wear it!!! is it a loser item?

  1. Hii Ermmm Your Blog is very nice and i was thinking if we could be friends?? BUT i cant go on fantage 😦 we could still be friends on here 😉

    1. your awesome i can get on fantage but my user is hacked so mny TEARS look for me!!! nina6261 i have been in since hmmm i think 2009! fantage is my everything!

  2. these are good. most of them are affordable, and easy-ish to get. like the coin board, orion’s rare finds. and the pink shaggy hair, orion’s as well!

    by the way: frisky, and stuff like that are just not affordable unless you’re a millionaire. most of us are not. my highest number of ecoins is like 1000!! not much!

      1. Do you want winged board, SPD, brown Shaggy Hair, Froggy Tee, Lightning Tee? a wrench??
        And what were your offers for my RED glowies??

  3. hi cloudz I love your blog.. it’s awesome…can we meet on fantage someday…can we be friends pls….thx…but,i don’t own a blog…I’m sorry…thanks…

  4. For the pricy outfits, 2nd row 5th from the left. Where did you get the pants? And how long did it take you to earn the PBH? My friend had to do everysingle moonstone rare!!! Or did you get it from TNS? Plz reply ASAP! *^.^*

  5. In the, “more pricier side, but hey it’s worth it” OwO 2nd row 5th from the left, where did you get the pants?

          1. I started got my first account in 2009, then forgot all about it. ROFL . Then I made another in 2010, and have been playing ever since!

  6. i wish i didn’t quit Fantage in 2012 until now maybe i wouldn’t miss out in the events well i had too i was getting hacked then i changed password i didn’t really feel like playing Fantage oh and cloud I’ve met you in MyMALL a few times idk if you remember me i really wanna be you’re buddy!
    PS: I understand if you’re buddy list is full xP

  7. I got one! I just dont have a pic of it but here, ill describe it
    Hair: Autumn Hair
    Accessories (head): Polar Bear Hat
    Accessories (body): Superstar Celebrity Sash
    Accessories (Face): Number one tattoo
    Top: Stained Glass Tee
    Bottom: Black and White shorts
    Shoes: Cat slippers
    Board: Red chalk board

  8. some outfit ideas on the black st. patrick’s day hat please? I don’t know what to wear with it and some stuff I’m wearing I’m not sure if it the hair im wearing matches it?

    1. Sorry but I don’t have that item, though I know what it looks like so I’d say to wear dresses and stuff with it

  9. Ohh hi its olgcbc again…
    I’m just sort of requesting this but maybe you should try asking ideas from your veiwers? Maybe they have great ideas too. You could accept like a certain amount of outfits each week and they could be their own items or even from the closet in the photo booth. I really dont know if you take these requests from veiwers but its just an idea for you to interact some more with them!

  10. Cute outfits!!! 🙂 you should add a little more to nons though, cause I think the majority of Fantage is nonmembers. I would show you an outfit, but I’m on my tablet right now 😦

  11. hi cloud
    would you mind if i used some non member outfits for my blog
    my non member accounts all sucked way too much…
    ill give you credit..

  12. I have blonde bb hair but I really want cool cat hair and chloe hair much!!! especiall cool cat hair. I save up all the gold i get and sumtimes buy gold but I never seem to have enough to buy them at mymall or they rnt selling there cuz they get bought rly fast. I guess I’ll just save until I have enough to buy the cheapest one at mymall. 😦

  13. Oh my llama. I love the first limited outfit so much. With the cc and polka dot tee. And I agree with you that some of the store tees are pretty cute. I want to add that Nons should totally get the Warm Red Sweater (Red with cat print). It’s so nice and affordable!

  14. Where do you get that 1 one your face i’ve been trying to find out ^-^ really hope someone can help me ∩( ・ω・)∩

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