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Blogging Tutorials

Remember, the best source of help is the official WordPress Help center. Click on this link to find more tutorials >>

But since you’re here, you can take a look at some of my tutorials that might come in handy.

How to change color of text

1. Click that icon: [Toolbar Toggle]


2. Once you click on it, you’ll see this:


3. Click on that, and a list of color options will appear.

3 Hightlight the text you want to be colored, then click on a color and…



Pages got messed up when switching themes

Go to your dashboard, click on Appearance, then click on “Menus”


At the top of the page, you will see this:


Click on “Manage Locations”


That is what it looks like right now. Click on “Select Menu”.

Then, select the Menu you had before.


How to change comments box message

Capture 121

1. go to Settings
2. click on Discussion
3. at the very bottom of the page, it says Prompt
4. Type in your message.


How to create a Sticky Post

A sticky post is basically a post that stays on the top of your blog forever. (Until you decided to trash it.) An example of a sticky post is my Welcome post.

  1. Go to the very left side when making a post:

this1 this2


Click on “edit” beside Public. Then check off “Stick this post to the front page”.


How to Re-Blog a Post

Re-blogging is when you take a post from someone’s blog, and basically copy it to your blog. People usually Re-blog giveaway posts. Here’s how to do it:

1. So, click on the post that you want to re-blog. Then at the top of your screen, you will see this:


Click on “Reblog”




Then select a blog you want to re-blog the post to. When you are done, click “Reblog post”. All reblogged posts can be trashed just like a regular post.


How to take a screenshot

Click this link if you have an Apple computer >>

If you have a Windows computer like me, its simple. You can use the application called “Snipping Tool”. Most computers come with this; if not, simply Google “download snipping tool” and you will find help.

Another way to take a screenshot is to click on that button on your keyboard called “PrtSc”. Once you have clicked on that, open up Paint and paste the image (Ctrl V).


How to create a Password protected Page/Post

If you ever want to create a post or page that can only be accessed with a password, here is how to do so.

1. So on the very right side of making a new post/page, you will see this:this1 Click on “Edit” beside “Public”.

this6 Now select “Password Protected” and enter a password. Click ‘OK’ and you’re…


If you ever need help, there is always Google! simply Google the question you may have, and there will be answers.

Good luck!

78 thoughts on “Help with your blog

              1. But you can actually lie 😛
                but I believe yhu,
                and it was yhu that commented again! With a different Gravatar email I think :d

  1. can someone follow me on my blog? its fantagezeolla and i followed u! please follow me im new and i want followers! and btw your post helped me! :)))))

  2. Hi cloud
    How do you make a “here” go to another link?
    I mean like you know how you often do stuff like that, when people click “here” and it leads them to another page/post.
    Didn’t find any help on google… :/

  3. Hey, I’m not entirely sure how to add more menus at the top of my page? I’ve only got two and can’t figure it out. 100% new to this. If anybody knows how please help 🙂 Also, if possible, could you make a blog post tutorial on it, Cloud? Thanks,
    Bella xoxo

      1. I mean the things the options that you can click that say like “About” “Home”, or for yours they say “Shop” “Contact” “Fantage Comics” etc, those things, I’m not sure if they are called menus or pages tbh.

          1. I’m so sorry I keep commenting, I’m just getting a bit frustrated. I figured out how to add another page, I made a Fashion page, but if I want the drop down tabs so I can have like: “Outfit of the Day” “Outfit Ideas” etc. How do I do that? (If that doesn’t make sense I can explain it better, just tell me).
            Bella xoxo

            1. I get what you mean! you want sub-pages.
              To do that, go to Dashboard>Appearances>Menus
              Then look for your new page (outfit ideas etc) and simply drag it under a page you want!

                  1. I feel so bad for continuously bothering you. I honestly just can’t find my dashboard (Unless it looks different to the ones I’ve seen on other blogs), I have posted something on my blog to see what I’m looking and when I click on “My sites”.

  4. Hey Cloud82! I was wondering if you could help me with something. I was inspired by you to make a fantage blog! I am using WordPress, because it has many options. But it’s also frustrating to use. I am trying to make subpages but I am son confused as to how that works. I see up above you were helping fantagebellie with the same thing, but I’m confused as well. When I go to the top left corner and press on My sites I don’t see WP Admin or watever it is. Help?..

  5. Hey Cloud! I Have a question wath type of front page should i make? id like ideas from all of you not just Cloud so everybody can reply but anyways ty!

  6. hi, i love your blog! I was wondering on your sidebar it says “status” then you have a gif of your fantagian? I was wondering how you did it because I’ve been trying to find out for ages! thanks<3

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