Fantage Comic~ Meaningless Cards



I wonder what the card says :D





Don’t you hate it when you receive those meaningless cards??

I mean, if you’re going to give someone a card, at least write stuff in it, and put some thought into it!


Like, once I got 10 cards from my birthday and 9 of them said “Happy birthday”

and there was only 1 card worth keeping, because the person actually wrote stuff in it.

50 thoughts on “Fantage Comic~ Meaningless Cards

  1. On my parents’ wedding, I was one of the important people in charge of the preparations and everything – even the cards! In the giving away of cards, I quietly sneaked and read them all (ooh, cheeky little me!) and guess what? Only 2 of them had something written in it while the other 39 had nothing except a “Happy Wedding, _____ & _____!” (names are not told due to privacy reasons) and other stuff like that. My parents were happy though…

      1. yeah like…when my parents were getting married they didint even got cards they got just some kinda lame presents like parfums or clothes.

    1. Lol how were you even at your parents’ wedding? Even if you were born you should’ve been like 1 month old…

      1. No offense but you must be ignorant.
        People can still have babies when they aren’t married.
        I had a friend who had parents, though they weren’t married. And yes they were her biological parents. And she was like 10 years old.

  2. On christmas last year, my crush sent me a hand-made card but it still just said ‘Merry Christmas’ ! He did not say ‘Love From’ It just said ‘from’! I was a tiny bit disapointed. But he is still the best boy in my whole school!

  3. when i was 5 my brother gave me a card saying this 5 is great 5 is fun 5 is 2 + 2 +1 5 is wow and super too i sure hope 5s as great as you and he didnt even write it and my brother gave me it again for the 8th birthday!

  4. I agree. Cards with actual written words that have a purpose are the ones you remember. Most of the time, people give cards that simply say what they originally did, from the store, and the giver just slaps their name on it.

  5. But my mom always wants me to write my friend’s birthday card with meaning, so I write them for more than 1 hours 😛

  6. I do all of my gifts either personal shopping gift bags (just buying gift bags sucks) or make my own cards who just says happy birthdayyy.

    I write down happy to your da b-day 😉 and put weird but happy stuff in it

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