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Hey, welcome to the Fantage fashion club! for all you fashion fanatics, this club is perfect for you. Here, I’ll be posting OOTDs, opinions, inspirations, look-a-likes, and anything Fantage/fashion related 🙂


Chat here! you can talk to other Fantage fashion lovers, and express your opinions.

//December 12, 2015//

Holiday Party Outfit ideas!



  • Wear red, black, beige, glittery stuff
  • Try neutral colored hairs for a polished look.
  • Wear formal accessories like purses, necklaces, earrings or headbands

//September 6, 2015//

Fall looks!

Its September at last. Winds’ picking up, and leaves are loosing their ever green color. You know what time it is? SUMMER TIME! nah, its Fall. Time to get your neutral tones on! sweaters, boots, scarfs, and all that grub. Lets get started!

Outfit Ideas


Fall favorites/must haves!


Which is your favorite fall outfit? comment below!

//Aug 1 2015//

Today, I’ll be talking about… le Crop top.

So there are many ways in which you can style “le Crop top”. However, there are wrong ways too- and if you style it the wrong way- you will look wrong.

Here is a fellow Fantagian wearing it, the wrong way:


Now the ultimate rule of wearing the crop top is that you must wear something that will cover up skin.

This is the right way of wearing it:


See?? doesn’t that look much better?

The thing is, you CAN show skin, but if you show too much, you’ll look weird and disproportionate.

//July 31, 2015//

Today I’ll be styling the Supermodel hair, since I figure most people have it (you can get it from Cody’s Crazy Combo’s). This is what it looks like:


Alrighty, so here are some outfit ideas 🙂 remember this hair goes well with EVERYTHING. But if you’re still stuck…

Downtown Chic




Warm n Snuggly 


Pretty pastels


So out of all those outfits, which one was your favorite?? vote here!

//July 29 2015//

I just bought the White fashion battle hair for 10,000 Gold!! its actually really cute (however I think Fantage should lower the price to 2,500 Gold because 10k is just insane and nobody can afford that LOL


Also, out of all the fashion battle hair’s, which do you like the most?


Take this poll! btw, the blue one is the blue-ish white-ish hair, and the black one is the navy blue colored hair.





16 thoughts on “Fantage Forum club

  1. Man Cloud, you’re GOOD at Fashion. Like REAL GOOD. I followed this blog it’s one of my favorites to come around ❤️ 🙂 Btw I seen you on Fantage yesterday! My username is mimi5458. Hope to see you on Fantage again! 😀

  2. cloud
    i saw you on Fantage like 2 weeks ago but you nvr answered me 😦
    and then when i went to check on you about 3 minuted later, you were gone! 😦
    btw, my username is cindyhan

  3. Hi, I really love some of your outfits, but remember to colour co ordinate them. Only three different colours is the key to blend, because tacky clothing can be unpleasant and I’m not a fan of contrasting clothing. I suppose colour co ordination is difficult for most fantagians seeing as they are obsessed with certain items which are sometimes quite unnessary in an ensemble. I hope you find this advice useful

    1. Hi! I used to love color co ordination (in fact I had a color co ordinatin phase that lasted for the longest time LOL) but I find it to be quite tacky to me xD

  4. Chesire cat price is more insane *-*
    I have about 15,000 gold while the Chesire Cat costume costs like 30,000. But then again, everyone makes things cost so insane that they don’t realize there is a 1% chance anyone would buy it.

  5. I know you may not know how to fix this but…. what? For some reason, ALL of the player Idfones are glitched so the usernames are like “Lotusrainxoxo” YES. LIKE THAT. Then there’s no level, just a “-” with whatever that person’s rank is (mine is Fantage Apprentice). Then the buttons are okay but the words for the buttons are just the button’s name duplicated and jammed together to the point the words are unreadable or barely readable. I can’t click the buttons. It doesn’t show the avatar. All of the currencies (if I click mine) are 0. The skin, background, and accessories are otherwise fine… if there is a PM badge it just shows a bunch of dots as if loading, but it never finishes loading. Soooo….. um… help?

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