Forum Magazine

May 18, 2014

fantagemag (1)


May 23, 2014

forummag (1)


August 1, 2014





21 thoughts on “Forum Magazine

  1. Someone stole your 1st magazine and made it their own. Here’s the link.

    She just put her name on the top left corner of your magazine to make people think it’s hers. And she also stole another person’s magazine and a bunch of other peoples’ edits.

    If you’re Emma (the girl’s YouTube Channel name) sorry about that.

  2. These are really cool!! Are these your edits or real clothes on Fantage??
    Btw can you make more pages of the magazine instead of just the cover??

    1. Thanks! And yeah these are my edits. I drew some of these by hand though 😉 and yea I just never had the time to make pages. Thanks for suggesting!

      1. Your welcome! No actually don’t say thank you to me, I need to say thank you to you for helping all of us with your awesome cheats and reviews!!

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