Get Involved!

If you are a designer looking for a place to sell your items, you have come to the right place! Here at the Fantage Spy Outlet Mall, we offer the best deals for you, and our customers. To rent space for your section of clothes, please be notified that renting is FREE!

Once you have created a rack, you may put as much clothes as you want on it. Your blog will also be advertised, and customers who use buy your clothes will credit you for it. You will also have the option to earn points/ cash for the amount of items you have sold.

Please look at this points chart below=

1 Items sold= 1 point

1 point= Your brand/ line of clothes (blog) advertised for 1 day.

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below, or email me at


104 thoughts on “Get Involved!

  1. Your are so creative! Not the best author could come up with this! Its like those PROPER fashion blogs! Imma email you once I actually GET to.

  2. おっと私が代わりに描きたい言いたい。


    1. Husband I I want to say I want to draw instead.
      Is it all right, for I am of it, in the alternative, whether you can be trusted?
      I’m doing arts and so on of the request (Chibi, anime, manga, all outstanding professional art!)
      Why Thank you for laughs

      is what it says in Japanese ^^

          1. ‘Kai, should I just send you pictures of like the ones in other shops (but my own edits ‘n stuff)?

      1. I made my own already but since I can’t add it on the menu I drafted it. Can you pls publish it? ^-^

  3. could i do something similar to this on my blog, but my own edits? i can credit you if you want, just wanted to ask before i do anything(: also, you know how you have your status on your sidebar, could i do that? i was just asking because ive seen many bloggers do that.
    thanks! sorry for bothering you c:

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