Going to prom!

I know prepping for prom is stressful, but don’t worry! I got ya covered..

Prom Lookbook+Ideas! 

What to wear:

  • Dresses! (not skirts)
  • The color gold
  • Necklaces, bags, earrings!
  • Lipstick?
  • Heels 😉

Here are some outfit ideas from Easy->Difficult.


(Items that are easy to get, mostly non member items, easy Rare items)



If you don’t have much accessories, put on a fancy dress! most of the time, simple dresses need accessories to sparkle things up- but fancy dresses don’t since they’re already glam packed.


(Things from the shop, Lucky bot/Cody’s Crazy Combo’s items, prize items from Events, Orion’s rare items)


Hey, I don’t know about you, but this^ is proof that you can be stylish without wearing “popular” items.


Believe it or not, a simple touch of lipstick can really brighten up your entire outfit! in the examples above, I used this:


You can find this at Stellar Salon in the beauty section. 


(Limited items, past shop items, rare items)



Accessories always play an important role in your overall look. Avoid cluttering your outfit with too much accessories- as it can ruin the simple beauty of it all. Earrings are always nice 🙂

So I hope this Look book helped you get ready for prom! If non of the above really works for you, just remember confidence can outlast beauty!


16 thoughts on “Going to prom!

  1. Wow! Nice
    This is rly off topic but
    In real life, I don’t think I wanna be super pretty to get asked out, cause srsly, you can just go with your friends you know
    So if you’re stressing to get asked out
    Just go with ur friends

  2. Heres what I usually wear for prom-
    hair: loose side bun
    outfit: purple elegance
    shoes: cleopatra sandals
    board: golden board
    body acc: fancy gold bag
    hair acc: tiara (the one tilted to the left side)
    earings: sparkling earings
    You’re welcome to try this!! It’s my fave outfit for prom. Sorry if you don’t have a lot of limeted items or member items, cause this outfit mostly consists of that.

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