Hall of Shame

Tips to avoid being scammed:

-before trading, Google their username. Maybe a video of them scamming will show up. If so, do not trade with them!

-Check their level! if they have good items, but a very low level, then there is a change that they scam. How? well its probably their backup account where their real identity of their main account is hidden. They can do anything, scam, hack etc. after all, nobody will know who they really are.

-Sometimes a scammer will bring up this excuse “I’m lagging”. During the trade, it would make sense for them to refresh. And when they do, they delete you and you get scammed.


Welcome to the Hall of Shame!





let that sink in real deep.

On this page, all the shameful people of MyMall will be featured 🙂 you know, the scammers, meanie bo beanies, hackers, etc.

If you know someone shameful enough to be put on this page, comment below their usernames!




Thank you aria5999 for this photo



44 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

      1. omg, I agree to glitter. I saw a video made by im_hut on youtube. Plus, im_hutis my buddy. Magatwin was so mad she made accounts to get back at her. Their names were like imgoingtogetim_hut and things like that.

    1. Ashleymoua is not a that much big celeberity :/ although she is my buddy and wears common stuff like delicate brown hair or shop items or rare accecories.like headfones cat hairs etc.. She just designed a user inspired hair and dress.. :/

  1. How to people scam etc? I’m trying to figure it out.i dont understand! (dont make fun of me; its just that im an honest person) 😉

  2. I saw foddle at my mall once and she and this other girl was arguing.
    They both called each other scammers and I was just standing there staring in awkwardness

  3. Btw, your like one of the 10 few people who didn’t scam me on a trade. vicky43200, emx, pandadomo, and you didnt scam me.

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