How to Fly in MyMall *UPDATED 2014*

Written by cloud82

How to Fly in MyMall (updated as of November 25, 2014)

1. To fly in MyMall, lets all make sure that we are in MyMall. (This flying trick only works in MyMall)


2. Now use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move all the way up until you cannot move anymore. (If you are not moving, try clicking anywhere and try again. Make sure you do not have the Instant Messenger open)t2


3. Now on your keyboard, find “Ctrl” (Control), and using the scrolling wheel on your mouse to scroll down until your screen minimizes to 50%



4. Once you have completed Step 3, do not move! simple use your mouse (or arrow keys) to click up to the location you want to be in.



21 thoughts on “How to Fly in MyMall *UPDATED 2014*

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