How to go “underground”

Maybe you want to be a ninja? 
Maybe you want to stalk people?
Or maybe you just want to troll people...

Here’s the “Underground” tutorial!

  1. Choose a location on Fantage!


2.  Now use your arrow Keys on your keyboard and go all the way to the bottom until you cant move anymore.



3. Now press on the Ctrl key on your keyboard (if you are using an Apple computer, press on Command instead) and press the minus (-) key until you minimize to 50%t3

4. While you are still minimized at 50%, use the down arrow keys again and press on them a few times.

At this stage if you still do not move, proceed to step 5 and DO NOT click ANYTHING… If you move, then ta- da! you’re a ninja!)

5. Now click here:


And then click “reset to default”:


6. Now your screen should be back to normal! DO NOT click anywhere. Use your down arrow keys and press on them.

You should be a ninja now!


Remember, during this whole tutorial, do not click ANYWHERE. Don’t even switch between tabs. Because if you click anywhere, then it wont work.

Got any questions? comment below!