How to make a Fantage Blog

How to make a Fantage Blog for Free.

Welcome everyone! today I will be showing you guys “How to make a Fantage Blog”, such as mine!


There are tons of websites that create blogs. Here are a few of them:





But the one I strongly suggest is WordPress, because WordPress holds the biggest Fantage blogging community than all the other ones. So there’s a greater change that your blog gets heard!


Once you have chose WordPress, follow these simple steps.

1. Go to 

2. Click on the blue button that says “Get Started”


Now choose a theme for your blog. Remember, you can always go back to change it! (there are Free themes, and Premium Themes. Just like Fantage, you need to pay real money to purchase a Premium theme).


Select one and continue.


Once you have arrived here, you’re going to select a URL for your blog! (my URL is

Since we are choosing the FREE version, there will always be at the end of your URL/link.

This is what you should see:


Now in the search bar, type in a URL that you want for your blog. If it is already taken, they will suggest an alternative version, OR you can just search again until you get an untaken name you want:


Then click select! (the free one)



Fill in your Email address (make sure its your real one because you’ll need to confirm later).

Come up with a username that ONLY consists of letters and numbers.


Create a password that you wont forget and hit that big blue button!


You have created a blog! but of course, there is a lot of customizing to do. Right now, you should be at this page:


First confirm your Email. Let’s hop to step 6.




Go to your Email inbox and confirm your WordPress account. Now, log in and I’ll show you everything 😀



Once you have logged in, you will arrive at a page called your “Reader”. This is a page where you read latest posts of the blogs you follow! but right now, the only blog you are following is the default WordPress blog.

At the top of your page, this is what you see:




Click on the tab that says “My Blog”. This will lead you to a page where all your blogs are listed. Right now, you only have one blog.



After you have clicked “My Blog”, this is what you will see. Your blog! now, click on “Dashboard”. This is like the main control center. You have access to everything you need!

104 On the left side of your screen, you will see this long drop down full of options for your blog. I’ll explain to you what each one does.

Home. The Home button is basically where you are right now. At the main page of your dashboard.

Comments I’ve made. This is a list of your recent comments you have made. You wont be using this page very often.

Site Stats. This is where you can see how many views/visitors you are getting! if you scroll down, you can see how many followers you have, and your most popular pages/posts.

Akismet Stats. This is a more in depth version of site stats. You wont be using this at all.

My Blogs. A list of all your blogs, as well as options such as changing your blog address. This page also includes blogs that you are an Author/Staff on.


Blogs I follow. A place to manage the blogs you follow.

Omnisearch. Here you can search for anything that has been published on your blog.

Store. Don’t worry about this part. This is only if you are planning on buying something for your blog, which I don’t recommend doing unless you’re trying to create a really professional blog such as the “Time Magazine” blog.

Posts. Here you have access to all of your posts, and posts that you have put in the trash bin. You can also permanently delete posts here.

Media. Ignore this.

Links. Ignore this too.

Pages. A list of all your pages whether they have been published, or they’re in the trash bin. You can also permanently delete pages here.

Comments. You have complete control of all comments that have been left on your blog. You can mark them as spam, put them into the trash bin, or delete them forever.

Feedback. This is where you can see the results of a poll, and ratings of your posts/pages. (You can unlock the Ratings feature in the settings).

Appearance. This is where you can change the way your blog looks! for example the header, and you can change the background. You can also shape your menu, and add widgets to your side bar! (note: some themes do not have a sidebar. I recommend getting a theme that has a sidebar)

Users. Here you can invite WordPress users to become Authors, editors, or even administrators on your blog. If you are not happy with the users performance, you can remove them. (A friendly reminder would be better though).

Tools+Settings. Here is where you can customize your blog a bit more on the internal side.


Now if you want to go back and change your theme, do it now! go to Appearance>Themes. On the top right corner, select “Free”



If you are having a hard time searching for a theme, here are some that I prefer:





>Suits Theme




After you have selected a theme, lets get some widgets, shall we? go to Appearance>Widgets. Some important and useful widgets you should add to your blog

>Follow Blog

>Blog Stats

>XAT Chat Box. Click ME to learn how to add one! (scroll down until you see tutorial)


Its about time isn’t it? so lets go to Posts>Add new

If you can’t find the publish button, its because you haven’t confirm your Email address yet. (Go to step 6).


In the circled area, you will see 2 tabs. “Text” and “Visual”. If you are coding something (HTML), using the Text tab is preferred. If you’re just posting, use the visual tab. To add images, click on “Add Media”.

To change the color of your text, you must be on the Visual Tab. Click a button that looks like this –> 107Then you will see more options. Click on another button that looks like this –>108 Then highlight the text you want to be colored, and select a color!

What to Post About

If you are making a blog ONLY about Fantage, then try to only post about Fantage. You will get followers based on what you post, so if you go from Fantage to Club Penguin, you’ll loose followers and visitors!

Here are things you can post about if your blog is about Fantage:

>New Fantage Events

>New Fantage Updates

>New Fantage Items

>Fantage Fashion Idea’s

>Fantage OOTD’S (Outfit Of the Day)

>Fantage glitches/cheats

>Fantage Tips (how to earn Stars)

Decorate Your Posts

>Make your posts a little less boring by adding images instead of describing it with text. Remember that your audience doesn’t want to read a 500 word essay about a new event. They want visuals too!


>Do NOT add too much flashy stuff (GIF, Blingee’s). It will blind your audience, and give them a bad impression of your blog. If you add too many, it will make your blog seem unprofessional and not very helpful.

I hope this tutorial helped out a bit! if you still aren’t sure of something, just Email me and you will be replied in 1-3 days. 





coming soon:













55 thoughts on “How to make a Fantage Blog

  1. HELP HELP HELP ME! I HAVE A QUESTION!!!!!! HOW do you add the stuff underneath your pages like for example: comics- you added this comic to the page how?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

      1. I had the same problem but I don’t quite understand it how do u find appearances in tha dashboard? I’m using the new and updated one and I can’t find it lol such a newbie 😅😅😅

  2. Simply want to say your article is as astonishing. The clearness
    in your post is simply nice and i could assume you are an expert on this subject.
    Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post.
    Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work.

  3. thank you so much this helped alot i made a new blog today please check it out and tell me if i need to improve.I barely starded,so i new to this and i havent added a new text

  4. btw i saw you in fantage at the 2015 ball drop saying “CHECKOUT MY BLOG FANTAGE SPY! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!” xD

  5. :3 ty I’m TRY to start a blog called “The Fantage Tigers” If that name isn’t taken and if It’s possible :3 I WON’T PUT ANY SPASES

  6. Cloud,I have a itibity problem you now when you enter your email i DONT have a email adress so i tried and google says (not abel to make google acount age restricted) so how old do i have to be to have a google account?

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