How to Recoin an Item

*Fantage has removed this option. Find out why by clicking here*

Written by cloud82

Hey guys! lots of people from MyMall have been asking me how to recoin an item! but just a heads up, its only for non members!! HAHAH finally for once non members have it better. Now lets embrace that moment ok.

Anyways, this method is a really good way to make a profit!

But now you ask, “what does it even mean to recoin an item??”

and yeah, “recoin” isnt a real word. I know that because every time I type it, theres a squiggly red line under it.

Okay so here’s what it is. Basically if you’re a non member and you have a Starred item, you can actually get an Ecoin copy of it!

1. Go into your inventory

2. Click on a Starred item you want to recoin. (Note: you cannot recoin Starred member rare items, or prize items. Only limiteds, Vintage, Shop, and Vintage Gold items.)

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 10.05.20 PM

^You see here, I want to recoin that limited item called “Game Show Host” hair. (I already have a coin copy because I used this method to get it!)

3. Once you have clicked on the item, this will pop out:

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 10.07.10 PM


4. Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 10.07.14 PM

This is not my main account

Now go ahead, buy! (but I ran out of eCoins boohoo).

More info

If you want to buy an item that was previously sold at Vintage Gold, then the price will be the price that was sold at Vintage. So if you want to recoin Blonde basketball hair, then it will be 50,000 Gold. That’s the only downside to this whole “recoining” thing.

But other than that, I think its great because I have this shirt that was Le Shope back in 2009 and its only 45 eCoins to recoin! I sold so many for 1,000 Gold and I made a lot : )

24 thoughts on “How to Recoin an Item

  1. i need to recoin cloe hair but…. its 50,000 to recoin. :O i accedently bought the starred cloe hair for 15,000 gold 😦 and no one have the ecoined cloe hair.. and the girl that sold to meh said nons can wear it… got scammed again! :O

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  3. The “Benifits” thing doesn’t pop up when I click a starred limited member item. It only says “Only premium members can wear this item!” Idk if that was an update or not. Is it???

    1. They found out too many fantagians recoining so they said if they keep the recoining thing nobody will buy membership anymore so they remove it OnO thats why. hope this helps you

  4. is it possible to recoin lims such as pink streak hair (not pink streak ponytail), owl tee, flowing brown locks, and glowies?

    1. Yes, but if they have been sold at Vintage Gold, the price to recoin them will be the same price is was sold in eCoins at VG. Which is high. I think it costs 15,000 Gold to recoin the glow sticks.

      1. we can’t recoin anymore?! oml I’m dead… I bought a bunch of starred items hoping I could recoin them after my membership expires but now I can’t and I’m broke :/

  5. Now you cant even re-coin an item the green button is missing now there’s only the orange member one.
    I know cause just 5 min ago i wanted to re-coin the summer fun pony-tale and there was no e-coin button, and then i tried with the Elmira hair, the winter bell top, adorable pink ribbon and the lose side bun, and non of them had the green e-coin button,
    there was only the orange member button in the middle, i was shocked when i saw that.

  6. Sadly, they removed recoining. Fantage had gone worse. I felt like quitting. Check your starred items and the recoin option isnt there anymore…. :'(((

  7. when i do that it doesnt show up as that all it says become a premium member an i was a premium intil it ran out 4/29/15 an i really wanted to recoin bastketball hair but it wont let me

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