Luke’s Look Book

I was inspired by cloud82’s “Look Book”s with the easy, medium, and hard clothing options and so I’m doing one of my own for dudes! This one’ll just be like random fashion and clothes to wear around Fantage when you need something to style. So here is my Random Fashion Look Book!


The absolute simplest outfits recommended especially for late nonmembers. Items from shops, free items from recent events, cheap member items, common rare items, Lucky Bot/Cody’s Crazy Combos items, etc. Mostly nonmember items that can easily be attained.

Look Book - Random Fashion Easy


Items for premium members from shops, limited items from recent events, uncommon rare items, etc. Mostly premium member items, but with some harder-to-get nonmember items as well.

Look Book - Random Fashion Medium


High outfits are harder to put together. They include various earlier limited items, older/beta rare items, very old/beta nonmember items, retired items, etc. They also include items that are sold in MyMall for a very expensive price as users consider them very valuable. Some nonmember items are incorporated as well.

Look Book - Random Fashion High

High II

High II outfits are a little bit more show-off and very difficult to collect the items for. They include FGCIs (Fantage Game Card Items), very old and rare items from 2007-early 2009, and items that, when assembled too brightly, can make a person an item whore, as called by Cloud82 on her blog. XD

Look Book - Random Fashion High II

The third one inspired by eshel2012… He doesn’t wear apriss’s Gloves; I just had to add them. 😛

But anyhow, my advice is that you wear what looks good, not what’s valuable. The New Year’s Glasses, commonly called ZOOB glasses on Fantage (ZOOB for 2008), is most likely the highest-value face accessory for both boys and girls, but in my opinion, it is way too big and bulky and covers the smile, as seen in High II’s second model.

~lukeh2o, hope you enjoyed! This’ll also go on Fantage Spy. PFYL

5 thoughts on “Luke’s Look Book

    1. (This is kinda late but) I think it’s because the pictures were created when Some Asian Fantagian was still existent and then I changed the address, so the pictures that were in this post are now missing.
      Sometime I can probably retrieve them to fix this page so it won’t be pointless anymore.

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