MyMall Shoppers Only

Hello MyMallians! welcome to this page just for you! here you can chat with other people who also shop at MyMall. You can talk about buying, trading, or anything related to MyMall!

Please check out the variety of sub pages we have to offer you.


-What’s in your inventory?

this is a page where you can tell others what you have for trade or sale, and what you want. Its simple, all you need to do is leave a comment with all that information! then wait for a reply. Someone could reply to you if they want to buy/trade. They can ask you to lower prices, or offer something else.

-Is that worth it?

Here you can ask people whether an offer is worth yours or not; item and price wise. But keep in mind, everyone has a different opinion on whats worth more or less.

-Cheap prices!

Y’know, cheap prices for cheap people like me. (Because I’m secretly Mr.Krabs). You can also contribute to this page by signing up as being a reporter! this means, under every picture that you take and send into me, your username will be featured.

So what are you waiting for? check out the sub pages now!




6 thoughts on “MyMall Shoppers Only

  1. ll cries ll
    someone just said red chalk minimum was 6000 but it was 510 I checked
    I cancel mai kiosk for her
    then she deleted me
    she is raindrop9940

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