Fantage Spy’s history of headers…

Welp, here’s a cringe worthy timeline of my header making skills. From cringiest-> cringe. Aka, my earliest headers, to most recent.


^HH MY EYES. TB to when I used Lunapic to make headers LOL. I remember downloading that font because I thought it was cool… what.. was. i. thinking..

and yeah, I’m pretty sure I stole that edit LOL OOPS



^I remember being really proud when I made this header. *pats on back*


headerbackthen1Shortly after my Lunapic phase, I discovered good ol pic monkey.headerbackthen2


OMG LOL MY CHEESY QUOTES PHASE HAHA EWcoolheader2copy-copy-header41.jpgheaderbackthen6headerbackthen5headerbackthen3copy-copy-header.jpg

“stayed classy since 2012”???LOL thats grammatically cringey headernow.jpgheaderheader1.jpg


woo my photoshop cs2 phase!cropped-header11.jpgcopy-header61.jpgheader1.pngheader.jpgheader2.png

OH GOSH did i just say nutella. literally why??? did I think I was cool or something? LOLheader2.jpg

^wat the frickin frack header11.jpgcopy-copy-copy-fantagespy_header21.jpgcropped-header1.pngcropped-headerfs.jpgblogheader.jpgcopy-fantageheader.jpgfsheader22.jpgcropped-fsheader12.pngcropped-header1.pngheader4cropped-fheader.pngheader.pngfantage spy header

my hipster phase /o>o/header11.pngheader2cropped-header.pngcropped-header34.pngheader

^wow this is the only header im not cringing atheader4headerheader5

yup. So you’ve just witnessed my entire life (2012-present), in header form.

Thanks for sticking with me from the beginning to the end

and thanks for not abandoning me, even during my awkward header phase.

but then again, in a year, I’ll look back at this post and probably puke HAHA


Evolution of cloud82

Joined 2009– No photo’s available. But this was my first outfit:


me0.PNG April 2012 (before Trade n Sell)

me1 Oct 2013 (During the time of Trade n Sell)

me2 Feb 2014 (shortly after the closing of Trade n Sell)

me4 Oct 2014 (MyMall ages)

me5 Jan 2015 (MyMall ages)

oo June 2015 (MyMall ages) #itemwhore

me7.PNG Feb 2016 (MyMall ages)

me8 April 2016 (MyMall ages)

mee.PNG Oct 2016 (MyMall ages)


Is Fantage closing down soon?

Hey everyone.

Before you read this post, take a few deep breaths to prevent any hyperventilation from happening.


Also if you can, try to read the entire post? I know it’s long but it’s quite important.

So just a few minutes ago I was on Fantage’s Glassdoor profile. (Glassdoor is a website where you can see employee reviews).

I was reading the most recent review which was from June 21 2016:


“company is almost closing down”

ok, calm. Calm. Calm…

this may or may not be true (but I got a feeling it is).

I mean, anyone could sense it. The game is just going downhill and honestly I’m not sure if it’ll ever make a comeback.

Not to be negative n all, but if you just read the reviews, it’ll all make sense.

Here are some snippets of the cons one employee wrote out:

image image

“Upper management [is] blinded by their selfish ambitions… Instead of embracing new ideas from their employees, they refuse to change for the better”

“We had a chance to bounce back and thrive, but now it’s just an empty shell of greed”.

What they’ve said is so true! I mean us Fantagian’s don’t even work for Fantage but we could already tell that the game has just become a soulless thing of greed 😦

And I find it really sad because they DID have an opportunity for a come back (like stated in the review), but upper management just ruined it.

Poor employees. They’ve probably got so many great ideas for the game, but it’s not like they get to make the rules..


Back to the point of the post…

I just feel like Fantage is trying to make as much money as they, no matter what that means- increasing item prices, giving non members less privileges, etc. (Which is all happening right now).

Because it wouldn’t matter any more, since they’re just going to shut down the game.

But that’s just what I think.


re-post this and type out your opinion on this situation (if you want to). 😥







I’m like thisclosetodying or something I really don’t know tbh

Feel kinda bad for not posting even tho I quit fantage but I have ARTTTTT (kinda)

Anyway, they are actually commissions from DA BUT it’s of Fantage OCs (edits)


Available username’s on Fantage!

Wee more usernames that havent been taken yet!

Click here  for part 1

and here for part 2

aand here for part 3

*some usernames from the previous posts may already be taken.. because awesome peeps read my blog and like my ideas 😉 😉 jk jk. but really.*









bookkeeper/ bookkeeping




Bright side ;)

me: *Logs in*

me: Oo~ new clothes! waw *o* so preety

me: *clicks on new clothes*

Fantage: 15,000 Gold

me: 0>0

me: O>O

me: wait, why am i even surprised…

me: lel time for some coffee! *goes to star cafe*


me: *drops eyes with holy water*


me: ok. ok. um. how about a stroll in downtown?

me: *skips all the stores because I know I cant afford anything*

me: but i wanna get something new *^*

me: *ends up buying the orange hair pin for 80 stars*

me: i should be thankful im not one of those unfortunate souls that glitch and turn naked! : )



gold digga’s everywhere

So I just witnessed this at the Star Cafe (obviously. Star Cafe is where all the drama happens. Its where people break up, and start riots LOL.)

Girl: *adds a bunch of people*

Boy 1: Lol tf? who’s [girl’s user]

Boy 2: Oh she added me too

Boy 1: Is she hot doe?



you only gonna add back if she got nice lookin clothes??

ya sound like a gold digger to me



Aint the last

As you can tell from the posts I’ve been producing lately, they’ve become veryy boring (and I can tell myself). I guess this blog in general is decomposing and honestly that is the result from the lack of motivation.

When you aren’t motivated to do something but you force yourself to continue, the things you produce are just so dull and lifeless. (My posts are a prime example of that).

I mean sure, I’m still posting the same old things I’ve been posting for years: outfit ideas, “funny” posts- but there is just pieces missing.

I just think everything is a cycle here on planet earth. People and things come n go, and nothing gold lasts forever. I think it may be about time for this blog to be put down.

I’m not sure when? maybe soon?

Though it actually already died a few months ago, what I’m talking about is physical. As in, stop blogging completely and remove all the authors, but keep the site up- like a museum on display. (think of it that way 🙂 )

Tbh I dont want to quit but I have to. Its time. Next thing you know I’ll be 50 and blogging.

Just imagine.

Jobless, broke, but still blogging.

I dont want that LOL.

Anyways this isn’t my last post. I dont want it to be 😦

(if you read everything, ily ❤ )



PM Week’s Only Purpose:


Yeah… still level 50. Haven’t played much. Heck, this doesn’t even really have a purpose because I hardly play, much less use power ups.

I’m kinda salty that they don’t let you buy MyMall permissions. I have so much stuff I don’t want that could potentially be potential to other players. :\ Plus, my gold is just slowly depleting….

On a different note, since I haven’t been here in a LONG time (here as in the Fantage Blogger Realm) I was thinking we could have a gameday sometime next week. That is, if I don’t have an overwhelming amount of homework. Well, and if anyone’s still interested. I know I’ve gotten boring over the past month(s). I don’t have any details, and I’m not even sure if I’m gonna do one yet.

If you’re interested in a gameday, please comment below so I can determine if it’s worth my time to plan it or not. (Not that hanging out is a waste of time.)

Love y’all! Sorry for the inactivity. 😉


oh hai


(sorry for spamming lol, just wanted to say SORRYY for not posting in like a month LOL. I’ll tell you the truth, Fantage aint all that fun to me anymore, and so I’ve lost motivation to post on this blog. However what DOES motivate me is everyone’s support here 🙂 I feel like we’re one giant ball of weirdo’s who just belong together 😀 so please keep commenting because tbh comments and feedback keep meh rusty engine continue to choo choo)


Cool costume ideas

*ps: Pandadomo is my friends account, but she let me use it*

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but I just never had the motivation lol.

Basically I chose some costumes (that allowed accessorizing) and added things to them to either alter their character, or add to them 🙂


  1. Mystical queen
  2. Winter themed
  3. Queen bee
  4. Cleaning lady
  5. A cute mouse (she used to be a kitty, but after I added the mouse ears, the kitty ears turned into a bow!)
  6. Trickster mouse

I find these outfits really fun to make!! if you decide to make one, upload and comment the link to your post here 😀 I’d love to see your creations.