PayPal- Items for sale!

Direct message me on Instagram at @ughfantage or @fantage.sellers to purchase! if you dont have Instagram, you can Email me at

Prices (negotiable)

  • Coin Limited items: $1-5 each
  • Any Starred item: 50 cents
  • -Frisky hair: $10
  • Beta sled: $30

outfits1 outfits2


sale8acc1 acc2 acc3

hairs hairs1 hairs2

sale sale1 sale2




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92 thoughts on “PayPal- Items for sale!

  1. I think I’ll take a few items like :
    Light brown hair
    Fancy dress
    Angel dress
    Midnight blue outift
    Glossy blonde hair
    Prom dress
    I’ll have the answer this week ๐Ÿ˜€
    P-S : can you tell me how much money all that would cost, please?

      1. Aww ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ok I’ll take the tire wheel and light brown hair if you still have it. So can I send the money? I’ll pay $3 for the hair, so $8 in total. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How much would it be for light brown hair and fancy dress together?
    Maggie Green, I’m SO sorry if I want light brown hair…I tought about it for some time.

  3. CLOUD
    (key word there is “soon”: as in, it might be a little while ’til I can)

    Could you give me the prices for:
    Blue Paintbrush
    Winged Board
    The hair to the right of LBH
    The first hair in the last row of hair
    The first hair in the second-to-last row of hair
    Earth Day Top
    Army Tank
    Skullhead Shirt
    Pumpkin Tee
    Adventurer’s Jacket
    Kitty1929’s Dress Thingy
    The Donut (yay donuts)
    Music Notes
    Fox Scarf
    That black purse next to the donut
    Kitty1929’s Necklace
    The Moonstone Wand
    Moonstone Board
    Feather Board

    (IK it’s a lot but I might get another Visa card soon)

    Oh yea, are you still selling gold as well?

    1. Recolored paintbrush- $5
      Winged board- $3
      Hair to the left of LBH- $2.50
      First hair in last row- sold
      Valentine’s day hair- $2.50
      Skull head shirt- $2.50
      Pumpkin tee- $2
      Adventures jacket-$2.50
      Kitty’s dress- $2.50
      Donut- $3
      Music notes- $1.50
      Fox scarf- $2.25
      Black purse- $3
      Kitty’s necklace- $1.50
      Moonstone wand- $4
      Feather board- $3.50

      1. “Hair to the left of LBH- $2.50”
        I meant the one to the right: I already have the one to the left ๐Ÿ˜›
        Any chance you could save some of these? I dunno when I can get a Visa :/
        How about:
        Winged Board
        Valentine’s Hair
        Pumpkin Tee
        Kitty’s Dress
        Black Purse
        Music Notes
        Possibly Flower Hair too, depending on whether or not it’s sold and the price

              1. Okay, so…
                I really want that bun hair too
                Okay… I’ll get:
                Paintbrush ($5)
                Valentine’s Day Hair ($2.50)
                Earth Day Top ($2.75)
                Army Tank ($2.50)
                Moonstone Board ($3.75)
                Kitty’s Dress ($2.50)
                Winged Board ($3)
                Hmm… That’s $22
                I discovered I can actually send $28.75 btw
                Bun Thingy ($2.75)
                That would be $24.75
                forget about the tims lol
                I could get 40,000 gold with the remaining $4
                And that brings me to $28.75
                Can I do that?

                  1. ..wait, is that your Paypal email?
                    I sent it to the same one that I got Frisky and stuff from
                    There was like
                    A picture
                    Of a Fantagian with the Unicorn Dress with the sun on it
                    Is that the same thing

                    1. Alrighty!
                      Kiosk is 34A-1
                      you can buy my mystical jacket
                      (also, I only get 30k ’cause of tax… cri)
                      (plus the Gold I’ll need to spend on the items… R.I.P. future wallet LOL)

                    2. I’m so sorry!! ;O; the WiFi hasn’t been working at home for 2 days (I’m talking to you at school).
                      I’ll try and sneak on Fantage right now but it’s embarrassing LOL

                    3. I’m at your kiosk but its not open yet. Also to get more Gold, you can post 4 items for 10,000 or 8 items for 5,000 (and select the tax discount items)

                    4. Because I really need the Gold, like asap
                      The event’s gonna end soon and I won’t be able to get the items
                      And my mom’s freaking out because she thinks you’re a scammer .-.

  4. Items:
    Valentineโ€™s Day Hair (I want to switch this… Can I exchange for the Angel Dress, the dress with the white top, blue coat and green skirt, or Firework Shirt?)
    Earth Day Top
    Army Tank
    Moonstone Board
    Kittyโ€™s Dress
    Winged Board
    Flower Hair

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