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-Invitation Banners 

-Blog Buttons

And much more! just name a banner type that you need, and your order will be placed!



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1. [Banner Type]

2. Quantity [Maximum 2 in one order]

3. [color scheme #]

4. [All Banner text]

5. [Dimensions]

6. Copy and paste this into comments section and fill out form.

If you have any questions, please Email me 

Finished Banners







22 To: Ellie (angelooi) This is your finished poster!



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126 thoughts on “Banner Shop

  1. Imma order!

    Background: Blue patterns, Crayons for example.


    Chat Rulez!
    -No Cussing
    -No Trading
    -No Advertising

    Jelly Text (from your Fonts Shop!)

    Text Colour: Purple!

          1. Your welcome! And thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I want one!
    Background: Have clouds surrounding it as a border? And I want it to look misty somehow
    What it says: All the rule you have but instead of respect all spies, do respect other dreamers.

  3. i want one!!!! background: cute pink puppies xD

    title: fantage rulez!!!! ( plz make the title pink )

    what to write on the banner: there is an awesome blog and its called….. FANTAGE SPY!!!!! ( make that rainbow )

    thank you! byeeee

  4. 1. [Banner Type] Advertisement(like a banner for a store
    2. Quantity [Maximum 2 in one order]1
    3. [color scheme #]Cyan
    4. [All Banner text] jjblue’s fantagian shop
    5. [Dimensions]??????
    6. Copy and paste this into comments section and fill out form.

  5. 1.[Banner Type] like a banner that says my blog CandyLovesFantagez with a background as candy. 2.Quantity[Maximum 2 in one order]1 3.[colour scheme#] Rainbow if not ill pick #7 4.[All Banner text] Welcome to CandyLovesFantagez 5. what do you mean by dimensions? if you mean sides or reflections I’m not sure can you reply and answer. Email me at and my blog isn’t wordpress it use to be but I just took the same name and put it on blogspot here’s the link sorry for the confusion.

  6. I’d like to order one of your awesome banners 😀

    1. [Banner Type] Header

    2. Quantity [Maximum 2 in one order] 1

    3. [color scheme #] 1

    4. [All Banner text] My TFM Guide

    5. [Dimensions] What are those .o.

    Make it a not too bright background plz, and just do whatever you want for the rest, you’ll make it look great anyway x3

  7. Wow you are really nice to be doing all this for free. Ok here is my order for a banner/header/thing:

    1. Header/Banner
    2. 1 only please
    3. Um any cool background but not just a plain color please.
    4. Text:
    in like handwriting black color pls
    5. What do you mean by dimensions?

      1. Oh well uh any well do!?! I don’t know just pls don’t make it too big. And more like a rectangle pls! Tanks!

  8. Sorry I’m ordering a lot. Going under a major makeover c:
    1. Blog Button
    2. 1
    3. Color Scheme #6
    4. Imperfect Thoughts
    5. uh I don’t know…something small I guess because it’s a button. c:

    Could you make the background have something to do with bows? Thanks!

    1. Advertisement Banner
    2. 1
    3. Color Scheme #1
    4. BIG: Imperfect Thoughts
    Sub-text: Sarcasm, hipster, and diy tutorials
    5. Again, I don’t really know the dimensions. Could you go to my blog and see what you think will fit in my widget bar? My widget bar is about the same as yours…

    Please have an arrow beneath the text saying “see you there” in a kind of fancy-looking font. Also, for fonts, I’m going for a whimsical look c: Thank you so much ♥

    1. My Status Widget Image
    2. 1
    3. Again, something to do with bows c:
    4. My Status
    5. 262 x 313

    Thank you so so so much in advance. If you need anything else you can email me at
    have a nice day ☺

    1. I noticed how you chose a different color scheme for each item you ordered, and I just thought that if you put it on one blog, it would look a bit messy. I know that you ordered a galaxy themed header, so the rest of the things you ordered were also galaxy themed. But of course, I also mdae the order you wanted.

  9. 1. Chat Rules
    2. 1
    3. #4
    ~ No swearing
    ~ No advertising
    ~ No mean comments
    ~ Respect others opinions
    ~ Have Fun!

    5. I dont exactly know but can you make it like a long rectangle. More specifically, like the one you did with the pandas and stuff?

    Can you make the background image flowers that kinda match my header? If not, something similar please?

  10. Id like to order!!
    1. Header
    2. Can you pick a background i dont have good ones
    3. fantage writing (text) write: Fantage Greed Street
    4. can you make it look good with my blog?
    5. can i have an edited fantagian?
    Thanks, email it to me at Thanks!

  11. 1. advertisement
    2. 2 please
    3. #6
    4. text: Fantagekittycats!! We heart cookies!!
    5. the size of one of the examples you have the one that says fantage spy take me there
    thank you very much!

  12. I want one! It just has to be a cute bunny background with light blue and text is, “Don’t feel lonely just because your different” xD
    Oh and, do I have to credit?

  13. Uhm? are they like free? If so cool!
    I would love one!
    Theme: Fantage players in frozen costumes!!! Yay!
    Also uh
    What it says in the rules exept in the last can you put uhhmm … I know this! Dont worry if someone breaks the rules just Let it go!

    Thanks please soon can i order ANOTHER soon but soon imma order the banner which goes in da top kk? Thanks!! ill give u crdit when its done!

  14. 1. [Banner Type] a fantage one

    2. Quantity [Maximum 2 in one order] 1

    3. [color scheme #] teal

    4. [All Banner text] Fantagian Rainbow World Click Here! <—-( put this bottom of FRW)

    5. [Dimensions]
    You know that "Welcome to Fantage Spy one you made, I want that but in a banner like small and with that fantage font, it's cool! :D.

    ~♕ⓜⓘⓝⓣ ⓑⓛⓞⓢⓢⓞⓜ♕~

  15. No, I do not live in Vancouver but I still live in Canada. BTW Your blog is awesome it’s just so cool.. so can you make my banner? Oh & under the deletion of Fantage Minions my blog Fire Fall Forever needs a worker can you please be a Co-Admin on my blog? You spread lot’s of happiness on everyone’s blogs.

  16. So when do you think it will be done? I heard that you make some banners on Pic Monkey I want 500 x 500 because I think that the perfect dimension for a banner so yeah. WIll you be able to work on my blog?

  17. Hai cloud, I was wondering if you could do an animation.☺
    If u could, plz help me do a current status thing with rainbow cotton candy background… and with the font can I have jelly text? Thanks a lot

  18. Hai cloud, I was wondering if you could do an animation.☺
    If u could, plz help me do a current status thing with rainbow cotton candy background… and with the font can I have jelly text? Thanks a lot!

  19. I know I might be late but can you do me a favor and make me some headers???? If you may can u make them tumblry or pretty, i really dnt care what color scheme. I know its more than 2 but I really need it. The titles of each eader/banner will be Fashion, Levels, Money, Contact. If you have facebook my name is Ari Lavigne. Thnx

  20. Can mine be a advertisment for my edits i will email you the backround i want. This is what i want it to say

    Caroline1166’s edits!

    Yes caroline1166’s edits is all i want it to say and the font is fantage font

  21. How do u not go crazy with all these comments?
    I’m gonna add a bit more craziness here:

    1. [Banner Type]- Welcome Banner

    2. Quantity [Maximum 2 in one order]- 1

    3. [color scheme #]- any

    4. [All Banner text]- Welcome to Fantage Chatter. Feel free to do whatever you want here. That’s all I have to say. Have fun!

    5. [Dimensions]- around 700*300

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