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  1. Miki. Dont call her stupid. It’s not nice. And I have something like this on my blog. Different title thought. You didn’t copy since you never saw my blog before. Keep it. 🙂

      1. hey cloud i have a question: what password are we supposed to type to see the accounts? I have never banned somone elses account bcuz i find its useless and just its annoying becuase then u dont get to play. Is it ur fantage passowrd email password or a special passwrod that only u know 🙂

  2. Hey this is Heavenhitstars from wordpress.com from my site fantagecupcaketown.wordpress.com I saw Your Follower VIp acces thing about the credit card idea and all thats a very good idea! I was wondering if I could use this for my Site….We Will Credit so May we use this for our site?

  3. HAIIIII!!
    Umm.. i was just looking ’round your site here and it seems pretty cool!!!!!!!!! (awesome)
    sooooooooo i was wondering if i can work here..

  4. Youre welcome!!! 😀 Anyway this blog is still awesome!!! (P.S. I fyou ever need any help, just emial me!)
    -idara smiles

  5. I am hiring workers at my blog fantagestarz12345.wordpress.com I am still working on it lol so if you want to work there plz email me at fantagestarz12345@gmail.com plz put what job you want how old you are and if I can trust you with all my secrets when you email me title the email worker

  6. I would like to possibly help with this blog it is amazing and have great ideas like interviews with admins all you have to do is contact fantage btw.its ok if your staff is full but please tell me if you have a spot.thanks!

    1. Hi Cloud! Can I be your new author in this blog? I really really want to be your blogger together with those other girls! Please accept me. If youre asking for my experience, then visit my newly created blog fantagepinkstrawberry.wordpress.com I just created it to show my potentials in blogging. Looking forward with your response.

  7. Hello, I’ve been looking at your blog and it seems really cool! 😀 I was wondering if you could create a full list of prizes you can get from the Christmas tree by collecting faces and noses. I’m trying to collect all the prizes but I’m not sure which ones are missing.

  8. Hi Cloud,
    I have sent you multiple emails and you have still not replied… I just want to know how do we get the password to the page….



  9. Dear Cloud,

    I was wondering if i could be an editor for this site? I think that I would do a really good job of posting when necessary, not be inappropriate or mean, and really show what talents I have with putting together outfits and being not the “cliche” fantagian, but something a little more unique. Please consider this request and I ADORE your blog. Thank you.


  10. entery for the competion

    1. glammergirl2003
    2.both instagrams and i subscribed to your youtube
    thx respond plz

  11. Haii, Cloudii~Sempaii!

    I was wondering if chu have Pink Cat Hat or Back-to-School Outfit for sale or trade? Not too pricey pretty please, kinda broke x3 oh and if chu want to trade, I can go first ’cause grasshopper trusts her sempaii =w= email me at raya.alessandra@gmail.com or simply reply to this comment. Thank chu swoo much, Sempaii! ^w^

    Lots of Love (hugs included!),

    Special P.S.: I’m Littleflower3214 on Fantage. I’m pretty sure we’re buddies on Hopes_ and SmileySelena100. Oh, and I’ve been following *cough* and stalking *cough cough* you for a couple of months now on this email but just forgot, I guess? I abandoned my WordPress life ’cause some people took my main’s blog address (rayagirl.com) and are putting it up for bad at so much $$$ ~ #w#

  12. I was wondering what these items are worth-
    -purple violet braids
    -Magenta hair
    -flowing brown
    -peace out tee
    -Stained glass tee
    -magical frog wand
    -cool geeky frames
    (sorry for the long list xD)

  13. Hi Cloud! I was just wondering… how did you make the “welcome” subpage come to the top of the subpage scroll? It’s kinda confusing but I hope you understand it…

  14. Dear all reading:
    Hello this is Miki708- yes, the one immature little girl from years ago who had nothing to do during her summer times. I have matured and learned how to spell now and would like to redeem my mistakes. At that time, I was surrounded with no one to talk to and friends that didn’t guide me correctly on the right road so here I was: trolling through the internet I guess. I am proud of all who have defended Cloud because she DOES NOT deserve the hate and would like to give my sincerest apology to her too. So sorry Cloud, you’ve done so far and your hard work has paid off- well done! Sorry for my past mistakes. I hope I can at least redeem myself for the past mistakes the little me has done.

    Have a wonderful day -(formally known as) miki708 of 2015

  15. Hi Cloud, can I use your lookbook idea for my (relatively new) blog? Not the style, the idea of a lookbook. Your blog is very inspiring for me ^-^ and it would be great if I could. Thank you ❤

  16. Hi Cloud! My name is Mercedes1980. I love you blog so much, and your such a nice person! I was wondering if we could meet on fantage! I was also wondering if we could possibly be friends? I understand if your list is full. But it would be so neat if we could be besties! Reply when you can:) ~ Mercedes1980

  17. Hey cloud! Sorry I keep messaging you but I had a few things I still needed to say. One, I had a suggestion for a job you could let people apply for. I love doing interviews with famous writers on wattpad, and I am suggesting/applying to do interview with famous fantagians for fantage spy! I love interviewing people, it’s so fun! Also, I am starting my own Fantage blog, but I find WordPress to be very confusing. I dont know how to add sub pages, I know you hover your mouse over my sites then press some admin thing, but when I hover my mouse over my sites, nothing shows up. Help? Ty! ~ Mercedes1980

  18. Hi!! I was wondering if you still buy Fantage accounts ^^ I’m currently selling this super old/rare account. I have a lot of limited things like: Frisky, basketball hair, etcetc all in ecoins so membership isn’t needed! Thanks very much (:

  19. Hi! I was wondering if you were looking for any workers right now! I love to blog and Your blog is amazing and I would love to work here, it seems like a great environment to work! Please contact me ASAP! Thank you 🙂 ~ Mercedes1980

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