❅ Winter ❄

 Updated December 10th, 2014

Article written by Minitricia

Brrr winter is here! Get toasty with these tips below!


Long and comfy

Keep your body warm by wearing long and comfy tops, like a sweater or a long sleeve top. You can wear a coat or a jacket too!

 le shopYou can find these in Le Shop.

vintageYou can find these in MyMall.

For bottoms, wear long pants. I don’t recommend wearing shorts like the ‘ black and white ‘ shorts, but If you don’t feel like wearing long pants you can wear those knee-length shorts, Like these.


Boots and sneaks

For shoes, wear boots or sneakers to keep your feet warm. Don’t wear sandals!



Most of the boots shown above are from Le Shope! most of them are very cheap and affordable! 🙂 The price ranges from 200-500 eCoins.

Accessories for warmth

Still feeling cold? Why not add some scarfs or hats?


Hairs.. w/ hats?

It doesn’t really matter what hairs you wear.You can find hairs with hats. But don’t wear those summer hats.



Also, try to go for long, brown colored hairs. It adds warmth to the look 🙂


Since Christmas is around the corner, wear something Christmas related!



Now that you’re all set, enjoy your new look and be warm at the same time! 🙂


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