Starting Up

March 2016 Update: now only Premium Members can buy kiosks

Welcome to Floor One!

Starting up, lets get to know all the cool MyMall features! please take a look at Picture 2:



Light Green: click anywhere inside that green box to access the elevator. The elevator allows you to choose a floor you want to visit! here is what it looks like:



if the buttons are glowing, (ex: floors 1, 3 and 5), then it means you have visited those floors already.

Yellow: click this sign to read more about ‘Gold’, Medals, and most importantly, the Tax Discounted Category for the day! here is what the sign looks like:


In the red box, you will see the Tax Discount Category of the day. (They reset everyday at around 12:00 A.M. FST. To see the FST, go to Pet Town and there is a clock).

In the picture shown above, the Tax Discount Category was Body Accessories. That means, if you sell any Body Accessory on that day, there will be a 20% Tax Discount! that means you make more Gold. mm5


(If the 20% discount was removed, you would be receiving 8,300 Gold instead of 8,640 Gold.)

Purple: This button shows you information on when your kiosk permission expires, and where your kiosk is located. This is what the sign looks like:



At the top, it says when my Business Permission expires. (Basically when my kiosk will close. If you see that its expiring soon, you can click the orange button “Open the Business Center” to buy more Permission).

Then there are 2 green buttons. On the left, the one that says “Go to your kiosk”, basically takes you to your kiosk when you click on it. The other one closes your kiosk (but it does not end your Permission).

Red: This button allows you to search for any item you want! (only finds items that people are selling at MyMall). This is a perfect tool if you are trying to look for something specific. Here is what it looks like:



Now can you help me find Long Pink Braids?


First, choose the color of the item you are looking for. Since I know that Long Pink Braids are pink, I choose the color ‘pink’.mm8

Now what is it? a hair? a top? an outfit? well I know it is a hair, so I choose ‘hair’.mm9


Now time to search! just click that big green button…



found it! now if you are a Premium Member, all you need to do is click “See This Item” to find out which kiosk’s are selling the item. If you are a Non Premium Member, you need to pay a fee of 20 Gold in order to search for the item.

Blue: Click on the business lady to buy MyMall selling permission. You may buy 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days.

Non PM: 1 day- 300 Gold     PM: 150 Gold

Non PM: 3 days- 800 Gold     PM: 400 Gold

Non PM: 7 days- 1700 Gold.     PM: 850 Gold

Premium Members get these selling Permissions all 50% off!

Pink: click these buttons to see your MyMall buying and selling Rankings.

mm11 mm12


I hope this tutorial helped! if you have any more questions, feel free to drop a comment, or Email me at (I reply to comments faster than Emails).


51 thoughts on “Starting Up

    1. The top should be sold for around 1.5k, the board should be sold for the minimum (which is 3k, I think). And not to be rude, but nobody would buy the Daily Spin overalls (simply because they can get it for free).

  1. How much do I sell

    Hairs: Elegant Flower Hair, Green Pigtails,

    Shirts: Egg Tee, White Shirt w/Blue Tie, White Shirt w/pink Tie, Red Flower Shirt, Jaye Sweater, Red Flower Shirt,

    Pants: Pink Mini-skirt, Dark Blue Shorts, Sailor Skirt, Violet Ruffled Skirt,

    Outfits: All-Star Swimsuit, Pink Strips, Blue Bear Dress,

    Costumes: Orange Witch, Yellow Torch Costume, Cat Costume,

    Shoes: Red Sandals, Glowing Shoes,

    Boards: Peppermint, Little Bunny Board, Chocolate Candy Board, Sunshine Board,

    Body Accessories: Glow Stick, Cake,

    Hair Accessories: Pink Cat Ears, Cute Bunny Ears, 2011 New Years Hat,

    Sorry if this is to much. :p You don’t have to answer all of the prises.

          1. Any server sorry for the 18 min late reply. Lol. How ’bout… Raspberry Raven? We meet in My Mall?

      1. Sorry again Cloud. I have a kiosk and it’s going to expirer in 2h and 30 mins. I only have 90 gold left to. If you want an item I listed just comment back saying what item and a price and ill post it in my kiosk. 49B-4. 🙂

  2. hi cloud 🙂
    how much do you think i should sell long & elegant brown hair for? i have 2 of them and im hoping to get rid of it lol
    also, how much is peppermint board worth?

    1. peppermint board is sold on lucky bot now which sucks because people have it so i don’t think it would sell

  3. Im selling these items cause i need gold desperately. Comment below if you want any and for what price.(number and price)
    There are 8 pics on each one except the last and i tried to number them…..yea if you look at the pics you can see my awesome failure…
    #32-40 ——–>the wings are pm its the only pm item in the entire list
    #40-46 ——->End

      1. Umm sure so how much gold are you willing to pay for each one? And you have to wait till i get my mall permission cause i dont have any gold.

      2. You still on?
        Its on the 20th floor D-5. Tell me what you want and the price it should be and i’ll put it on.

    1. I wish i had the ghost shirt (aka #11) i only have 500 gold though.
      he he he I have all of the things you had from old fantage that you have 😛

  4. Hey cloud if I get MyMall permission do you mind buying some items from me?
    Hair: purple midnight hair
    Tops: Stained glass rc
    outfits: purple sparkling dress limited
    hair accessories: mouse band

    and how much should i sell them for?
    THANKS 😀

  5. Aye Cloud! Idk if you’re gonna answer, but how much is cat costume worth? You know, the one that looks like the cat from chess. 😀

  6. hello! i had a question. How much is CC hair, bubblegum, and cat ears (pink) is worth? please don’t say the “k” beside the number. If you don’t know what i’m talking about, here’s an example: 12k. cause i have no idea what the “k” means. Thanks!
    ~ ♦ Diamond145 ♦

    1. Hi diamond! Just to let you know, ‘k’ basically means you add 000 at the end of a number. For example, 3k is 3,000. 100k means 100,000! Hope you get it now 😀
      CC hair- 180,000-200,000 (coin)
      Bubblegum- 5,000-10,000 (coin. However you can get lucky and see it for 500-3000 Gold)
      Pink limited cat ears- 8,000-10,000 (coin)

      Hope that helps!

  7. I just got a spot next to the best seller and best buyer and there selling cat ears for like 20k and I seoling them for 12k lol

  8. Cloud, how much should I sell these for?
    Star frisky, star bombshell, star blonde basketball hair, coined stylish fall hair.
    Flower dress, sweater dress.
    St. Patrick’s shirt, purple stained club shirt.
    Bear slippers.

  9. You guys have tons of stuff to sell I have like old fantage t-shirts and stuff like that and i dont think people would buy my old fantage things 😦

  10. Hi um if I were to sell my 2011 New Year’s Hat, Pink Headband, Santa’s Sleigh (version from 2009 not sure if they made new models), the shooting star board, about how much would I sell each item?

  11. Hi, cloud. I was wondering if you could tell me what items I should sell, that are pretty easy to get.
    I’m pretty new on my main account, so I don’t have much stuff.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hey, to be honest I haven’t been on Fantage in a while. Plus, MyMall is now only for Premium Members 😦 so I really dont know anymore!! sorry! I wish I could help 😦

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