The Outlet Mall

Welcome to the Outlet Mall where you can find your favourite brands, and the lowest prices everyday!

If you would like to purchase an item, leave a comment below saying the item name, and brand. Expect a reply in 1- 2 days about purchase confirmation! (actually thats just for fun.. all you raelly need to do is credit!)

Use this brands organizer to find brands you love, by your favourite designers.

-Brands Finder-

Fantage Spy- Cliché Brand

Fantage sakuramoonAurora Wish Brand

This is my shop! to check out other shops, please visit the sub pages! 😀

Cliche Brand Outlet Rack- Tops


Cliché Brand Anchor Crew Neck Tee

– Cost: Credit cloud82 if used.

– Limited Edition (3 in stock)


Cliché Brand Love Crew Neck Tee

– Cost: Credit cloud82 if used

3 3

Cliché Brand Graphic Crew Neck Tee

-Cost: Credit cloud82 is used

56 thoughts on “The Outlet Mall

  1. Wait, wouldn’t it be easier if we all had a subpage? Then this page wouldn’t go on endlessly and prevent lagging? I think it would be much easier that way…

      1. Your welcome! I actually thought of Mersay’s idea to subpage everyone in the clubs so It wouldn’t be laggy.

  2. hi i want the cliche outfit number one.. so im a little confused,are we allowed to use these clothes on fantage? if not then what are they even supposed to be used for?

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