The password

Okay the Free Fantage Accounts page is password protected because if its not, the accounts will just get hacked and ruined.

Please Read Rules First!


  • You CANNOT ban them. Just don’t do it. 1 ban on any of the accounts means deleting this whole page. Okay? plus I’ll find out who did it and I will like ignore you forever.
  • Do not just copy and paste all this and put it on your blog. That’s just mean. I’ll also find out someday and you shall suffer the wrath of my fury.
  • Don’t tell anyone the password for this page. I gave the password to you, and you only.
  • You must be a follower for at least 2 months.
  • The password to this page gets changed when somebody un-follows/unsubscribes. To get the new password, Email me at with your WordPress username and tell me the previous password so I know you are a follower. 

So if you want to know the password, here is what to do:

  • You must be a follower (:
  • Like this page
  • Re-blog 3 of my posts/pages
  • Email me at and title the email: Password Please

Trust me, its worth it.

Here is a preview of one of the accounts:



Yes I know. They are EPIC.

Once you have received the password, you are NOT allowed to tell anybody. And you can NOT steal any of these accounts, or put them on your blog. Oh, and DON’T ban any of them. They aren’t yours. If anybody breaks a single, rule, say good bye to free accounts.

229 thoughts on “The password

  1. I can’t email you because when I try to email people,it wouldn’t let me even type the email and I don’t know why. Could you email me the password of the page because I’ve followed you since March and I liked the page.
    P.S It’s me units4 on Fantage,your friend

  2. Hi there :). So, I have a favour to ask. Its ok if u say no tho :). I have had a blog for a few weeks now and no one has visited. I was just wondering if u would mind if I sorta promoted my blog here in the comments? :).

    P.S. Your blog is AMAZING!!!!!!!! haha 😀

    1. Hi there! I would be happy to promote your blog, but just a word of advice: everyone who starts a blog won’t get views in the first few weeks. like me, when I first created this blog, I only started to get views after 4 months. It takes a lot of patience, and effort.

  3. Hi everyone! So, here is the web address to my blog PocketFantage:

    I would be really glad if you could visit it. I am still working on trying to make it bigger and better, so there isn’t much content yet. But hopefully you can enjoy the stuff that is up there for now :).

    And I’d like to say thankyou to cloud for allowing me to promote my blog on FantageSpy. 🙂

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