Where the waves crash- Part 1

Where the waves crash//

//A bird was shot, a mice was poisoned, but life still goes on. The sky was as grey as your vision seeing left over food. No worse. The sky was as grey as the thought of forgotten memories.

I woke up to a splat of poop on the window of my room. The best possible way to start a day, feeling cared. So cared that even the world’s greatest fertilizer has arrived at your window to greet you. Having this thought, it changed my way of thinking at negativity. I get out of bed, throwing on whatever I see first. I stand in front of the mirror noticing a strange dot on my wrist. I ignore it.

I arrive at school, then walking up 3 flights of stairs to reach my locker. From the corner of my eye, I see a blurry figure run towards me. As it comes closer, my eye focuses, I see my best friend, Jair! “Hey, do you wanna build I snowman?” I laugh and reply “come on lets go and play” “I never see you anymore! come out the door!” “Its like you’ve gone away!” I continued, “We used to be best buddies!”

“And now we’re not” Jair says as she storms off back in the direction she came from. I laughed and knew that she would turn around and laugh along, but at the end of the hallway, I saw her. She stole a glimpse, and quickly turned around. I saw her run down the stairs, dropping what appears to be a tiny box the size of a ring.

I wonder what has gotten into her. Was this all a prank? I speed walked to the box and picked it up. Strange enough, it was quite heavy. I placed it in my bag and rushed to class. As I walk to class, I felt a movement in my bag. It felt as if a huge magnet was sucking me in, even though I wasn’t even metal. I take a seat behind Kaymen, the chubby sweaty kid. He blocked my vision from the teacher, and vise versa. I reach into my bag, my hand looking for the box.

I find it, feeling guilty of being so sneaky. As I pull it out, blue light from inside of the box emitted light rays through a crease leaving me no choice but to throw it up in the air. I look around, seeing stagnant jaw dropped faces.

part 2 coming soon


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