5 idiots vs a car


5 players, 1 car. Who’s going to get it?

Analyze this photo and comment below what you think the outcome is going to be 😀 the person who guesses most accurately wins a shoutout in my next post!

Here’s an example of what someone might comment:

Red gets it, but yellow, black and purple die.

So in your comment you must say WHO GETS IT, and WHO DIE. 😉

unless everyone survives…

or everyone dies..

ah just drop a comment



32 thoughts on “5 idiots vs a car

  1. how the heck did the car even get there if all the players didn’t even attack all the rocks yet

  2. Black gets it while red is killed, or vice versa depending on how good the players. But purple yellow and green are off doing their own things.

  3. Black gets it. Red and purple die. Yellow just doesn’t even care about the vehicle and drives around to attack someone or hide.

  4. nobody gets it

    black and yellow blow themselves up trying to reach it
    red tries to get to green and winds up dying from their own bomb as well
    and green gets blown up as purple somehow glitches out of the map and dies

  5. Black gets it, but then red blows up black and then black dies.
    The others? Well, I guess they die LOL

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